Personal Toilet Seat Cover

An indispensable travel product for you and your family!

The Personal Toilet Seat Cover is a flushable, biodegradable toilet seat cover that helps you avoid contact from potential sources of bacteria and germs that could be found in public toilet facilities in offices, restaurants, gas stations, stadiums, campgrounds, rest stops and many other places. 

Flushable and biodegradable, the covers are made from 100% virgin paper pulp and are folded into a convenient travel size and package.  Keep some in your desk, car, purse, gym bag or backpack for a cleaner, more sanitary bathroom visit in public places.

 Professional Knife Sharpener

knife sharpener

3 Stage Professional Knife Sharpening System sharpens both Metal and Ceramic Knives of all sizes

Three Station Knife Sharpener

The first station is for coarse sharpening, it's suited for dull knives.  Station Two is a diamond rod sharpener for ceramics knives, and the Third station is for fine honing.  It is a neccessary step to eliminate burrs the knife and to polish the edge. "V" slot grinds both sides of the blade.

Ergonomic Comfort Grip Handle

Specially designed finger grip is more convenient for use, and protects your fingers.

Non-Slip Base

As an added extra to the non-slip handle, the base of the sharpener also has a non slip surface ensuring you are in full control of your knife sharpening at all times.

Helps You Save Money!

In tests, the knofe sharpening system brings even the dullest knives back to life, no need to buy a new set of knives!